Remembering Jackie Kirk

“Education should have prominence in any discussion of fragile states as more than a basic service.” – Jackie Kirk

Jackie Kirk Tribute

Jackie Kirk Tribute at the reception

Jackie Kirk was a fierce advocate of education in conflict and crises through her tireless work to increase access to quality education in conflict settings and enhance gender equality through education opportunities for girls.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Jackie Kirk’s tragic death on August 13, 2008. She died in a gunshot ambush in Afghanistan while conducting fieldwork for the International Rescue Committee.

Jackie Kirk

Jackie Kirk Legacy courtesy of McGill University
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She will always be remembered for her commitment and important work on education in fragile states, girls’ education, and the role of teachers in refugee education.

Jackie, 40, held joint British and Canadian citizenship. She was appointed Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Education at McGill University, where she obtained her PhD, and co-founded the Journal of Girlhood Studies.

She is remembered by many who looked to her as a source of inspiration and is survived by her husband, Andy Kirk.

This year at CIES, we will be celebrating the life of Jackie Kirk. Jackie’s commitment to understanding the role of education throughout the world, especially in settings of crisis and conflict remains exemplary and now, more than ever, we strive to embody her drive in our work in international education to create a more equitable society. Members of the Education in Crisis and Conflict Network will be honoring Jackie Kirk with a tribute during the CIES Education in Crisis and Conflict Reception on March 28 at CIES in Mexico City, Mexico.

Jackie Kirk Tribute

Reception guests at the Jackie Kirk Tribute

Jackie Kirk Tribute

Reception guests signing the Jackie Kirk Tribute Matte


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Words from Friends, Admirers and Colleagues

“Jackie Kirk’s work and commitment to education in conflict settings remains such an inspiration. I hear her voice echo and amplify in the ongoing work to create educational opportunities for all, with the experiences of children, young people, women, teachers, and communities at the center.” – Sarah Dryden-Peterson, Associate Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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