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RERA Training

Ashley Henderson (USAID) and James Rogan (ECCN Conflict Specialist) present the latest RERA Toolkit

Rapid Education and Risk Analysis (RERA) allows USAID and its partners to get a snapshot of how education systems, learners, families, and their communities interact in a dynamic, multiple-risk environment. RERA integrates elements of conflict analysis, disaster risk analysis, and resilience analysis and can be carried out over two to three weeks.

Additional RERA resources, including many RERA Final Reports, can be found here.


Session Slide Deck Handouts or Additional Materials
1.1 Welcome and Introductions Participant Manual
1.2 Education and Multiple Risks Presentation
1.3 RERA Overview Presentation
1.4 RERA Design Presentation
1.5 Desk Review Presentation
2.1 Data Collection: Planning and Implementation Presentation
2.2 Analyzing Data and Developing Findings Presentation
2.3 Voices from the Field
2.4 Crafting Conclusions and Recommendations Presentation
2.5 Completing and Disseminating the RERA Final Report Presentation
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